Welcome to Huckleberry Street ! I’m glad that you have made your way into our online store and our new blog ! I’m really excited about what the future holds for Huckleberry Street and thankful for all of you that have chosen to take a part in it ! Huckleberry Street is the fruition of a dream that my wife and I have had for a long time , to be business owners !

Huckleberry Street is family owned.  My wife, Elizabeth Henson, is the resident artist and most of the work you see here is accredited to her.  She is super talented and has a love for all things rustic , vintage, and Appalachian. Me, Sam Henson, why I’m the carpenter of the group who puts all those wooden pieces together.  I also handle all the online stuff like marketing and website design.  Our kids, Tori and Cory are what drive us to do better each day !

Our mission at Huckleberry Street is to provide you with the authentic rustic decor that you can’t get anywhere else .  If you want something that simply “looks” rustic then you can go out to the big box stores (you know the ones..) and grab one.  However, if you want 100 % real wood and a 100 % authentic Appalachian made product, then you have to come to Huckleberry Street to get the best, in my humble opinion.

Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward for many many more posts like this one and many new rustic sign designs coming in the future ! God Bless !


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