Home Sweet Home Rustic Sign


Whether you are looking for a rustic door sign for the front of your home or you are looking for that perfect gift , this hanging rustic Home Sweet Home sign is sure to meet your need. It is very charming and welcoming with that wonderful rustic appeal.

You will receive :

*Home Sweet Home Rustic Wooden Sign
*Wire Hanger attached for easy wall/door mounting.
This sign is made from 100 % real wood. The big box stores attempt to imitate rustic decor with plastic and machine drawn lettering. Who wants fake rustic? This is authentic rustic made in the Appalachian mountains. You can’t get anymore authentic than that.

Dimensions : ~16″ by 10.5 ”

Because this rustic sign is made from real wood, the sign you receive may be ever so slightly different than pictured due to the differences in wood grain and knots. The wood will either be reclaimed wood or new wood that has gone through our special aging process. Either way , each piece will have it’s own unique imperfections which just adds to the authentic rustic feel of this rustic sign.

*Processing Time

Please allow 5-7 days for us to make your item. Each order is handmade and we need the time to ensure the highest quality is met.

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